Kreatif Lab

The playground and resource centre of Kreatif.

Obsidian 3D Printer

Foldio 3

Typeform Pro

Create a prototype of your physical product or sell some 3d printed products with the Obisidian 3D printer.
Need to hire a studio to take photos of your merchandises? Why not consider hiring our Foldio3 which comes with a rotating platform & halo bar allowing you to take pro pictures.
Looking to validate the market or do some product discovery using a conversational survey tool? For $5, you can use the Typeform Pro and start getting info about your idea.

Kreatif X

Kreatif Library

Design Sprint Kit

Want to validate your idea? Come and hire our Design Sprint Kit (with the book) to help you develop your next startup or project idea.
Kreatif's Centre for Sustainable Design. Talk to us to learn about our current project.
Learn new concepts. Borrow a book from the kreatif library. Click the Icon to browse our selections and for hiring.